The basics are covered in this video below, introducing the 3 main sections

For more tutorials, please visit our Koala Tutorials playlist on our YouTube channel.


How do i use the app?

Please see our youtube tutorial playlist for video instructions of how to use the app

How do I import samples?

The easiest way is this:

  1. Find the audio file in any app on your phone
  2. Press the share button
  3. Press "Open in Koala"

more detailed instructions here

You can also use an app called AudioCopy (free) or another one called AudioShare (costs $3.99 in US)

How do I use my midi keyboard/controller

Koala can be controlled by most modern midi devices (it needs to be USB class compliant), you need a USB adaptor for your iPhone or iPad. Koala responds to notes pressed on your keyboard - you can change the midi notes it responds to by pressing the menu button, then looking for the settings button.

The app crashed...

Oh no! Very sorry to hear that - First thing to try is to make sure you've updated to the latest version of Koala. If that doesn't work, please let us know and we'll fix it as soon as we possibly can.

How does midi work?

Midi notes will trigger pads the following way:

In the settings you set your “midi note offset” then that note is mapped to the first pad of grid A. Each successive note is mapped to the next note up on the keyboard - eg the first note on grid B is 16 notes up from the first note on grid A.

If a pad is blank, the midi note will cause the pad to record, if it has a sample in it already, it will just play back the sample.

How does midi clock sync work?

Midi clock/sync only works through an In-App-Audio host right now - such as the amazing albeit pricey AUM or the cheaper but still very capable AudioBus. Koala doesn’t directly output clock sync itself right now but can talk to IAA hosts to to sync to their clock. It will work standalone in the future.

Here's how to do it with AUM

1. Press tempo button in the top left

2. Press the ... at the bottom of the tempo menu

3. Choose "Send midi clock"

4. Choose your external midi device/interface

Will there be an android/VST/AU/Windows version?

Very possibly.

My question is not here

Please ask us here. We usually get back to all queries within a day.