Common Koala Feature Requests

I get many emails asking for feature requests, and I like to respond to everyone individually, so in an effor to save me some time, here's a list of things that get requested often, and why they haven't made it into koala (yet).

  1. Piano roll, editing notes etc

    The whole point of koala is so that you can make music instantly, and piano rolls cause people to spend ages noodling, and forgetting that they're actually making music - I want koala to capture your performance.

  2. Midi mapping / midi control of effects/interface etc

    This is coming very soon (hopefully).

  3. Recording without having to hold the pad down

    You can already do this!! Go into settings and turn off "Hold to record"

  4. AUV3 support

    This will probably come in the near future. The vision for koala is to be a standalone program, but I appreciate that a lot of people want to be able to use it inside AUM etc. I'm putting it off because it's quite a lot of work - I have begun, but there's still a way to go.

  5. Different quantize options / time signatures

    This will probably also come in the near future.

  6. Auto-slicing

    There's not a lot of space in the UI for this, although I want to do it. It's also quite tricky to make it accurately detect where the slices should go, but it's something I want to do once I work out how to fit it into the UI.

  7. FX automation

    This is on the list of things to do soon. It's easy to do technically but there's a design challenge to work out how to make it easy to use for you.

  8. Hold function like on SP404

    This is also on the list of things to do soon. It's easy to do technically but there's a design challenge to work out how to make it easy to use for you.

  9. Time-stretch aka change speed without changing pitch

    Writing a good timestretching algorithm is a huge piece of work. I want to do it but can't afford to do it yet. If I do a bad job of it, I will get many complaints of how bad it sounds, and it's almost impossible to to do a good job of it without some crazy PhD level maths or paying an expensive license to get a good sounding one. It's definitely on the cards but please remember, this is a $4, not Ableton Live (even ableton's timestretch is so-so.)

  10. Applying effects to individual sounds

    To be able to have a full set of effects for each sample would probably make your phone/iPad melt - my simple solution is to learn how to use the resampling function so you can basically bounce the effects onto the sound.

    With regards to just having some sounds go through some effects and some not going through them - it makes the internal routing much more complicated to program and more confusing for you (unless I can dream up a nice way of presenting it in the interface), but it might be an option in the future.

  11. Beat repeat

  12. My feature is not here

    Ok, send me a message, but please bear in mind that if it's a feature that you don't imagine a lot of people will use, I might not be able to include it because there's not a lot of space in koala for adding buttons and I want to keep the interface as simple and uncluttered as possible.